• Younger employees urged to save for retirement
    Younger employees urged to save for retirement

    70% of employees under 30 are not taking up the DC contributions on offer from their employers. Watch the video to find out more.

  • Making Accountability Work
    Making Accountability Work

    See how the era of accountability is impacting the employer-employee relationship — and learn critical steps employers can take to achieve positive results.

  • Mercer M&A Ready™ Executive Development Program
    Mercer M&A Ready™ Executive Development Program

    This interactive two-day session covers every deal phase. You will gain insights into key human capital risks that could impair the deal and learn how to increase your opportunity to effectively align people to your business and deal strategy.

Global Car Policies: A Key Talent Driver

Mercer/THINK blog

Company car benefits represent a key component of the compensation package that employers offer to recruit and retain the best talent — especially as a benefit for executives and management and as a tool-of-trade for sales professionals. Mercer’s 2014 Global Car Policies report examines company car policies in 90 markets worldwide — highlighting allowances, purchase and lease prices, popular makes and models, country and region-wide prevalence, and more.


“Car benefits continue to play a significant role in attracting and retaining key talent, particularly as companies face skill shortages,” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal responsible for the report. “Knowing what companies offer — and the variations in benefit forms — in different world markets is essential data for a company with overseas operations. With effective planning, development, and administration of a car policy, a company can successfully establish a fair, equitable, cost-effective, and highly competitive benefit.”


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New Solutions Portfolio

Are Your Talent Decisions Making An Impact? 


Mercer’s Talent Impact can help you resolve your most critical talent issues today and in the future. Talent Impact is the only solutions portfolio that combines the power of Mercer’s consulting expertise, current market information, and streamlined technology. It delivers valuable insights and helps you make powerful talent decisions.


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Mercer MarketplaceSM Offers New Alternative for Providing Employee Benefits


Growing number of employers interested in private exchanges to deliver benefits to both active and retired employees.


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